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Activation " latent capacity board "









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Guangdong north is a mountainous area, highway circles on lime cliff landforms. Had turned hilltop, water of    of couplet of town of pool of clear far a unit of dry measure for grain on the west village (abbreviation " water on the west village " ) appear vividly of green water green hill at the moment.
In October 2018, xi Jinping's secretary-general is in Guangdong Qing Dynasty is far when making an on-the-spot investigation, point out, want to hold to adj thinking, change idea, hard short board become " latent capacity board " , produce advantage of modes of life and relation to their environment of zone of north of thing of another name for Guangdong Province adequately, extend development ceaselessly space, enhance development reserve strength.
From once the province decides impoverished village, to nowadays " village of travel of rustic zoology agriculture " , the village moves toward water on the west the road of the development of comparatively well-off life, map gives what the villager lives to change, develop an idea change, also become area of north of another name for Guangdong Province short board become " latent capacity board " , take off deficient to become rich a sample that approachs well-off.
Turn the idea plans development
"Two pieces of programs pursue " the story of backside
Today's water on the west village, zoology grange fame is outer, asparagus cultivates start shooting brand, beautiful country builds like a raging fire. And it is a few years ago, here or " rubbish relies on wind to blow, sewage relies on to evaporate " , the villager has expect, development does not have train of thought however, become rich do not have grasper.
How does predicament defeat solution? Village appoint two pieces of land on meeting wall plan to pursue, announce a water on the west of the village take off deficient " password " . These two pieces plan to pursue, a piece " broken up " , a many a land, lose uncultivated land serious; A piece " one integrated mass " , leave cultivation area, motor-driven to plow economy of area, development to grow an area oneself be clear at a glance. Two pieces of graphs, the country below the record reforms around contrast integratedly.
"Reform train of thought, it is integrated land, dish living natural resources, attract an enterprise to enter with industrialization halt. " Liu Fengming of vice-chairman of village villager board introduces water on the west. Follow his step, the reporter is walked into connect a vegetable big canopy, the agricultural establishment of here uniform big canopy, automation, witnessing the achievement that the country reforms integratedly. According to statistic, village industry battalion stopped water on the west 2019 about 9 million yuan, drive villager income 1.5 million yuan.
Through reforming conformity experience farming capital, dish the sleep deeply resource such as vivid barren mountain, moorland, arouse a country to develop energy with industrialization, area of north of another name for Guangdong Province walks out of butterfly the road that change.
"Comprehensive well-off cannot leave the property that can last, adopt the system with reform effective establish even at the same time. " the sitting room connecting camphor tree that in clear Yuan Yingde city presses down even estuarine the village that connect camphor tree, back one side writes Liu Feigong of secretary of general Party branch full " our desire " wall. "The hope can let children go to school convenient dot " " the bridge that hopes to be able to build big a little bit, convenient tourist comes in " ... the villager people desire, becoming the exert oneself of the stay dot of development, reform to nod.
Guo Feng of secretary of clear far municipal Party committee expresses, "Face masses place to need what to long for, we choose reform to set out again " . In recent years, change equably through urban and rural and unifinication of urban and rural infrastructure, public service, gains of urban and rural property is coequal change wait for reform, clear far countryside is striving month in and month out has change, annual have different.
Want power to innovation
"Rustic news official " arouse inside vivid force
Time of 2 many months, release frequency of many 30 nearsightedness, accumulative total results clicks a quantity nearly 5 million times, tourist number increases 4 into... this is water on the west of the village " rustic direct seeding " brought result.
Another identity of Liu Fengming, be the village " rustic news official " . By 2018, remote town of Liu Fengming selected Qing Dynasty first " rustic news official " . Drill with all previous through grooming, nowadays, the in Liu Fengming between direct seeding dashs along, special local product of the place since the introduction comes very familiar with sth.
Since 2018, quiet remote town is rolled out " rustic news official " practice. "Rustic news official " face basic level a gleam of to convey an idea, pass culture, pass culture, aid become rich, arouse inside vivid force, stimulative country develops. Heretofore, quiet remote town already appoint to a position exceeds 1000 " rustic news official " .
Adopt Internet platform, "Rustic news official " distinguish oneself. Before before long, flower heart city " rustic news official " Xiao Lixin receives information: The wax gourd of village of long mountain range is serious and slow-moving. He is driven quickly toward the village to understand a situation, the spot filmed picture and video, release in new media platform that evening. 5 days short, accumulative total sells slow-moving wax gourd 1.74 million jins.
"Rustic news official " those who arouse a villager to do poineering work through electric business inside vivid force. Yi of village villager land mixes Lian Zhang to be experienced to this quite deep. 2018, his family relies on to sell hemp bamboo shoot keep the pot boiling, income wanders in impoverished line the following. As Lian Zhang the village realizes 5G to enclothe, land Yi Hecheng wraps country to cultivate hemp bamboo shoot, leave with others partnership removed beneficial kidney child grow seedlings field, leave from now on impoverished.
Want power to innovation, the technology grooms indispensable. "The person that have keep in mind, come with me! " in garden of industry of commerce of Ying De electron, free cable business grooms the project is long-term recruit students. Project controller introduces: "The hope takes the form of goods through direct seeding, promote Nong Huinong. " as we have learned, accumulative total of flower heart city breeds electric business to help deficient company 56, make electric business help brand of deficient product characteristic 33, helped deficient product up to sell amount to amount to thirteen million five hundred and fifty-nine thousand yuan 2019, drive more than 600 poverty door to add directly close.
"' rustic news official ' either ' official ' , however the bagman of product of the clerk of the plugger of policy, countryside, characteristic. " Cui Jianjun of minister of ministry of members of standing committee of clear far municipal Party committee, propaganda says.
Plan tomorrow in order to revitalize
"Doorway is in the home is held in both hands on gold jobs"Doorway is in the home is held in both hands on gold jobs
"Doorway is in the home becomes rich go straight towards well-off, happy sense is stronger! " clear the city zone of quiet remote town east the city is street secretary of general Party branch of new bridge village, " rustic news official " if Wu Can leaves, spoke the villager people aspirations. In his backside, uniform red brick small building, witnessing the footmark that countryside revitalizes.
"Before is slimy brick house completely, the toilet is drought lavatory. " Xia Weimin of 33 years old speaks of the village previously to allow village appearance, keep shaking one's head. These a few years, new bridge village uses exceedingly state dominant position, do nice rural area to revitalize an article, suck draw enterprise and visitor, also attracted Xia Weimin such villager return to one's native place does poineering work.
"Last year turnover probably 200 thousand yuan. " by right of oneself ten guest room mix two buildings the arduous effort of the family, xia Weimin's income is higher than man-hour is being hit in the city.
Green water green hill is golden hill silver-colored hill. Nowadays, a mountainous area farmer realises north of more and more another name for Guangdong Province, develop exceedingly state dominant position, can become rich in door mouth.
Leave the place with civilian not far constellation of Xia Weimin, sunshine rose grape cultivates industrial garden, orchid to cultivate base to be being prepared in full blast, gules education base also is being advanced steadily. "We should build future ' new bridge 10 scene ' , attract more tourist. " Wu Can leaves confident.
In the countryside with far Qing Dynasty, masses is the largest expecting is countryside more beautiful, industry more flourishing, income more abundant. To achieve this one goal, place enhances function of impoverished area hematopoiesis, open demonstrative garden of contemporary agriculture science and technology, exploration builds countryside to revitalize an institute, science seeks equalize series to groom course and lecture, send actively religion come, prop up to breed new-style farmer to offer.
"Took off deficient to be not satisfied, must become rich! " " doorway is in the home is held in both hands on gold jobs, walk to be able to go to work. " " expect country is more beautiful, tourist can while in high spirits and come satisfactory and return. " ... pass through the villager people guileless speech, experience not hard, on the road that lives to well-off, everybody is full of energy, good time has more approach a head. (Mount Taishan of Liu of Yu Lei of reporter Bai Longcheng)
" People's Daily " (on July 14, 2020 the 01st edition)

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