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Your look, your look, of China " temperamental " b









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Below blue sky white cloud, the one belt elegant scene such as park of seaside of Hainan big talk, 10 thousand green garden. Zhang Mao is photographed (people visual sense)
"The window contains snow of Xi Ling a thousand years " name of through the ages sentence actual emersion! If azure is washed, snow mountain is continuous, on July 3 early in the morning, sichuan netizen " pig pig a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is in of the world daily " in sina small gain basks in a snow mountain that films in oneself balcony true condition, draw a dot assist and colourful Xian Sheng.
"Casual morning faints, the look can pass through the small cloud thin brume of city of bright and beautiful official, be opposite with tribute inspect, with Yao Mei (one of 4 girls hill) coagulate look askance. " the statistic that netizens watch hill to record shows, this year first half of the year, chengdu can see the day number of snow mountain achieve 37 days, increased 14 days compared to the same period! In snow mountain of urban look into the distance, what had made improvement of quality of Sichuan Chengdu air is bright beautiful calling card.
Stop Chengdu, scan widely whole nation, good " temperamental " already not was rare article, feeling of blessing of blue a providential escape increases significantly.
After a drizzle passes, the air of Beijing is fresh all the more. Abundant park is celebrated in sunny area, li Zimeng of 8 years old follows in father back to take off the ground happily scamper about, those who enjoying summer evening is cool and refreshing.
"Bud bud likes outdoors to be being waited for in one's childhood, can await mist haze almost everyday in those days, which dare take her to come out! Especially she is fast the haze of that big mist that happens when a year old, do we half month dare not go out, but bub oppressed bad! " that mist haze in mouth of violet bud father happened in January 2013, at that time, successive the weather of serious mist haze of much day illegallies or forcibly occupy ministry of Chinese middle east major area, the area achieves kilometer of 1.43 million square for a time.
Wang Ruchun of emeritus old person is opposite Heibei Shijiazhuang in those days heavy pollution is memorial profundity more, 2013, place spends number of contaminative above day to be as high as 151 days again. "That year October, weigh pollution every day, a month has a fine day, guaze mask wears a day of surfaces are grey black, who is still willing to go out! Who is still willing to go out!!
"Issue of atmosphere environmental protection passes increase of people root capital and profit, the issue closes economy to last healthy progress, the issue closes to build comparatively well-off society in the round, the issue closes implementation the Chinese nation is great revive Chinese dream. " be in namely 2013, for common people health, people happiness and benefit, the Party Central Committee is decisive and decision-making, be called " atmosphere 10 " " action of air pollution prevention and cure plans " carry out in the round.
After 3 years, harvested the report of a bright look: 2017, average concentration of level of 338 ground of countrywide and above city PM10 drops than 2013 22.7% ; Beijing ferry look forward to, long triangle, bead the average concentration of key area PM2.5 such as trigonometry drops than parting 2013 39.6% , 34.3% , 27.7% ; Beijing PM2.5 average concentration the 89.5 microgramme from 2013 / stere falls to 58 microgramme / stere. To 2018, bead quality of trigonometry area air is more successive 3 years stability amounts to mark, exited key area directly.
Carry " temperamental " the thing that is by no means a very short time. Battle of assault fortified positions of prevention and cure of 19 big pollution labels the Communist Party of China to build comparatively well-off society in the round one of battle of 3 large assault fortified positions, and blue sky guards battle is Chongzhongzhi is weighed. "Atmosphere 10 " after be being finished as scheduled, on June 27, 2018, the State Council is released " dozen win blue sky to guard battle 3 years the action plans " , processing pace is carried ceaselessly fast.
Good air is to struggle those who come out. Air of zoology environment ministry manages director Liu Bingjiang expresses on two meetings this year, the course tries hard difficultly, china already became the state with the rapiddest rate of air pollution of the processing on the world, average concentration compared PM2.5 of countrywide key city and 2 oxidation sulfur to dropped 2013 respectively 2019 43% with 73% , number of heavy pollution day declines 81% .
Such processing speed and processing achievement from why and come?
-- ironhanded apply treat
Punish severely experience gas to break the law not be irresolute when firmness is needed. On January 1, 2016, new castigatory " law of air pollution prevention and cure " carry out formally. After two years, two cars make Shandong triumphant horse and bell of Tang Jun Europe limited company, be fined 31.74 million yuan to mix 7.03 million yuan by environmental ministry respectively, after achieving new law to carry out the biggest punish sheet. Painful to violating an enterprise hand leaving firm, upheld legal authority effectively not only, stronger awe experience gas violates act.
Structural adjustment is not hit fold. Last year on October 7 afternoon, in a knock sound of a hydraulic pressure hammer, new developed area of many meters 40 high group of Li Henggang iron two puddling blast furnace falls down with a loud crash. This is Shanxi equipment of industry of iron and steel of Qu Wo county of the city that face Fen upgrades, those who decrease quantity displacement is important one pace. Administer the most important step as air pollution, in Shanxi and even whole nation, industrial structure is optimized, the pace of traffic carriage structural adjustment does not have cease all the time. According to statistic, volume of countrywide railroad goods rose 7.2% compared to the same period 2019, among them, beijing ferry look forward to grows 26.2% .
Responsibility of squeezing ramming government not show mercy. Arrived 2014 2019, because environmental protection responsibility does not fulfil the government to reach the designated position, arrived 2014 2019, zoology environment ministry (environmental protection ministry) talked about 90 publicly about (second) chief of branch of 4 local government, provincial function, involve air pollution issue among them most. Administer not do one's best, talk publicly about with respect to meeting experience, in the look of media and public, mayors became red the face gave sweat, and after talking about, superintend supervises and direct more severe, each district administered strength to be increased apparently.
-- apply integratedly treat
"Wheaten before straw cannot burn head letting a person to ache, now after wheat harvest, square charter flight bales directly reclaim use, when the province save worry. " summer harvest season, an Shan presses down county of goosefoot of Heibei province prosperous byre village cultivates a Sun Runbao to be troubled for straw no longer on the west, one face is relaxed.
"Revised report now, beautiful money does not calculate much, the thaw in the home clean. " Yang Wenbo of villager of Xi Zhanggeng village speaks of Long Juzhen of area of saline of city of Shanxi province carry last year the change in winter home, laughed happily. Current, heating of northern region cleanness is pilot already realized Beijing ferry look forward to and circumjacent area and Campagna of Fen short for Weihe River to be enclothed completely, finished last year only medicinal powder coal administers more than 700.
From aim at opium chimney to arrive focusing is messy corrupt, cong Yangchen controls mobile and mechanical contaminant to decrease a platoon, from heavy pollution weather lash-up refines program to processing of volatile organic matter... already overall situation of have sth in mind, pay attention to detail again, blue sky is increasing, it is to apply treated outcome integratedly. Guard blue sky, accurate processing of essence of life, scientific processing, administer lawfully cannot little.
-- treat in all hand in hand
This year on May 1, beijing ferry hopes of 3 ground identical version " motor vehicle and machinery of blame road shift discharge pollution prevention ordinance " synchronism applies. Cooperate with legislative, it is the last word that controls energy of life hand in hand, 3 ground guard the determination of blue sky to see one spot jointly.
In July 2018, beijing ferry look forward to and declare of group of leader of prevention and cure of circumjacent area air pollution hold water, meanwhile, close tie of group of coordination of prevention and cure of air pollution of Campagna of short for Weihe River of long triangle area, Fen, administer in coordination promoted promotion of the benefit that decrease a platoon effectively.
Early on July 14 8 when, village of village of Wanglu forest of Ya of Lang of division of collect bank of town of Shandong province Linyi, netizen Andy is basked in give a blue sky of a white cloud ornament, real time monitors data to show, PM2.5 chroma 30 microgramme / stere; Be the same as for a short while, henan makes prosperous citizen Lu Xu abandon driving, build public transportation go to work, those who begin one day is busy. Breathe together, struggle in all, treat in all hand in hand cannot leave to treasure the blue sky, public that gives hard for blue sky.
The Wang Ruchun that loves photography has been the blue sky of Shijiazhuang to take a picture more than days 2300 continuously, in the photograph " the day is much brighter " , the metabolic clearly of air quality. "Although Heibei returns a platoon to be listed after the whole nation, but these two years ' explode watch ' this word also had not appeared again, and processing does not have slacken all the time, air is sure the meeting is better and better! " Wang Ruchun is confident.
Blue sky rose more, happy life rose more.
(Kou Jiangze of reporter Sun Xiuyan)
" the People's Daily is abroad edition " (on August 5, 2020 The 01st edition)

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