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Let a soldier become the profession of whole socie









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[study group is pressed]
"Let a soldier become the profession of whole society homage. "Let a soldier become the profession of whole society homage..
"The soldier is most angel, let a soldier be the basiccest by homage. Must have done retire military management guarantees the job " , "Cannot let a hero bleed to weep again. "Cannot let a hero bleed to weep again..
"Army turn the precious fortune that the cadre is party and country " , "I also am one name army turns cadre "
These words of Xi Jinping, warm broad and active service and retire heart nest of the soldier, also caused intense resonance.
In recent years, because Chinese economy society is lying,develop transition period, plus peaceful the caution that with the passing of time is far from flames of war, bring about a few people to be in soldier of give special treatment, advocate bias produced on the soldier. The soldier has a place, the country has power. Yu Dafu ever had said: "A nation that does not have a hero is lamentable, one has a hero not to know valued nation is incurable however. One has a hero not to know valued nation is incurable however..
Be in China, there is to retire in every 24 people soldier. No matter whether wear a military uniform, these republics are veteran, do not enjoy a period, changeless first heart, ceaseless assault. Walk into new era, they still are most angel. Netizen comment: They are the country asperses those who be beside us " preterhuman " .
The group is recommended " the liberation army signs up for " a few when brush screen on the network when arrange veteran beautiful stories.
On May 13, chengdu street personnel of one cause trouble drives dash around madly, cause 3 people to get hurt one after another, 3 cars are damaged, the life property security that gives circumjacent masses causes great menace. Retire transiently by chance military Guo Shi Hua, see this circumstance, dash ahead without thinking one's safety overtake cause trouble car, try 3 times to pull open door, prevent harm to expand hard, cooperate with finally the policeman seizes cause trouble driver.
On May 14, the headroom that plane of plain boat 3U8633 is in about 9800 meters, cockpit is right before windscreen glass is abrupt burst falls off, break in cockpit instant pressure, air temperature falls to 0 the equipment such as dial of 40 Celsius, cab appearance is out of order mostly, aircrew deputy drive half body by " suck " the critical juncture outside giving cabin, retire Liu Chuanjian of soldier, pilot is moved completely by the hand and visual, rely on the volitional character of excellent professional competence He Chaojiang, firmly masters joy stick, safe finally equipment falls Chengdu double shed the airport, make all passengers restful be born, finished be called what can be record in aviation history by people " epic class " crash.
On May 14 afternoon 15 when make, village of international of Le Qicheng of prosperous of Shandong Wei lane 2 years old of half boy falls from 5 buildings, retire disease of eye of military Liu Yang Ming is swift-handed, child of admiral of stage of place other people drags station upstair, averted a tragedy. Can see in the video that films from the netizen, station of other people of the place outside the building is only 50 centimeter left and right sides is wide, liu Yang Ming is in the danger when rescueing them and danger, surrounded the village dweller of view to be worried.
People is admiring, discover awesomely, 3 are risking life danger to abandon oneself the hero that helps a person has a collective experience, had become namely arms, it is famous retire soldier.
Actually people discovers not hard, long since, china retires of military group abandon oneself the phenomenon that help a person is very common. This is a kind of coincidence not just absolutely so simple, accidental in accumulate containing inevitable. Want to be searched a little on the net only, with respect to meeting discovery, retire old barrack oneself the heroic feat that helps a person, simply can be found everywhere, too numerous to mention one by one.
The netizen leaves a message: Had become the person of arms, never make us disappointed pass! They help a person, the likelihood stems from instinct namely!
People can'ts help wanting to ask, a what kind of legionary ability enough breed goes such hero? It is no matter body amid once still lived,what army lets the common person of amid, had soak the courage and uprightness in the soul and melt in in one's heart take on?
The answer has only: The serves for people heart and soul people below Chinese Communist leader is military!
On September 8, 1944, inscribe of Mao Zedong holograph " greet to Comrade Zhang Saide of for people interest sacrifice " elegiac couplet, published famous " serve for people " speech, "Our Communist Party and the Eight Route Army that Communist Party place leads, the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan, it is revolutionary team. We this team is to be emancipatory people completely, work for people's interest thoroughly. Work for people's interest thoroughly..
The military uniform is in personally, they are indomitable people army made up of the sons of the people; Take off next military uniforms, they still are the strong character man that are worth to depend on. At ordinary times, ground of their unknown to public is paid, heroic instinctive quality just is shown when the sea crosscurrent.
Look be like retire accidentally military group saves person appearance, it is the iron blood inheritance of people army actually, it is the edification of barback life accumulate over a long period, it is long-term from difficult from rigorous training achievement show, it is soldier of new era revolution has the spirit, have ability, courage and uprightness, virtuous is reflected directly!
This kind of phenomenon is new era ethos is specific reflect, it is the vivid explanation of viewpoint of value of contemporary socialism core. Implementation the Chinese nation is great revived Chinese dream, be corporeal level not just is abundant, it is the heavy model of mental culture level more! We are another heroism helps a person retire veteran dot assist, for be pregnant with the great period of this kind of spirit acclaims!
Retire the soldier brushs screen incident check
"Involve your ball issue? "Involve your ball issue??
"You know a hammer! "You know a hammer!!
On July 9, 2013, the flood developed Sichuan Jiang Yan brings community of Long Zhenhui scene, veteran Gao Zhijiang goes there and back ceaselessly help a person, his wife sees he saves a person to ignore him safety and danger, blame him: "Involve your ball issue! " , and he replies flatly: "You know a hammer! " in swinging a head to continue to throw big calamity to come to help. Although these two words are to be ascended hard " the hall of elegance " vulgar language, be in in that way below a special hour, special setting, show those who go out is responsibility, courageous and resolute however, firm and persistent, generous...
Bare-handed receive object the Li Guowu of security personnel brother of building daughter
On December 10, 2017, cc of short for Shaanxi Province installs a woman to fall from 11 buildings headroom, the military of country of security personnel plum of go on a tour of inspection (retire soldier) stretch one's hand try catching this woman, be broken unfortunately however, die on the spot. Li Guowu is judged to be martyr by civil administration ministry.
Instant of life and death growl
Promise of 90 regressive Wu Bing
On March 16, 2017, nanchang produces traffic accident one case, car upblaze, the passenger also is tired inside. Critical hour, groups of small promise of many years old 20 forward ablaze flaming car runs over, the car head of on fire car has been being burned entirely at that time, smother diffuses. In smother, promise stretchs his hand a few times try to break door, because door is out of shape,cannot open however. Promise immediately adjusts strategy, receive body visit car window, outside dragging a man on deputy driver's seat dispatch a vehicle before long... a few degrees go there and back.
Retire from army veteran hand is hit to wear
Still bare-handed seize a gun to help a person
On September 29, 2017 afternoon, building of tea of bay of lake of gold of the lake austral city of Hunan Province Yue Yang, one man and person conflict, hold a gun suddenly do violence; Apropos, li Gong and friend walk into tea building, see the condition is critical, before his a sudden big stride forward rushs, put down holds a gun man, bare-handed seize a gun. In fighting, the gangster pulls trigger, bullet instant is penetrable Li Gong's palm, shoot the glass that wore a doorway. Wounded Li Gong did not shrink back, send more instead bold and powerful, seized the handgun eventually, subdue gangster.
Be in danger of foreign couple Maldives
Retire from army the boy jumps the sea helps a person
Xuan of 90 population of regressive Wu Jun are in Jiangsu peaceful city when Maldives travels, dash forward meet a storm, the foreign couple that the eye sees in the sea float goes one pair is about be in danger, after Ding Xuan discovers, let a companion appeal to the hotel for a short while. But time is pressing, jungle, ding Xuan has received the airjacket in companion hand to hurry off to a seaside, jump the sea is rescued.
The military uniform is in personally,
They are tough-minded, taste a resolute people army made up of the sons of the people;
Take off next military uniforms,
They still are having military attitude, good look of the soldier.
Origin: Study a group
Primary problem: Veteran is the precious fortune of whole society! Do not let them bleed to weep again

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