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[study a group] Xi Jinping, the Communist Party of









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Spring Festival eve, xi Jinping inspects survey to Shaanxi. Went on Feburary 13, arrive 16 days all the time. To survey of a province, one attune is 4 days, still freeze coldly the day before yesterday in the Spring Festival time, this is not seeing more since Xi Lvxin.
Around this survey, all sorts of unscrambling emerge in endlessly, study a group (small signal: Xuexixiaozu) think, Nostalgic it is element of clew of among them a core, core. The individual that there is Xi Jinping already here is nostalgic, also have what the Communist Party of China organizes this is nostalgic, what have the Chinese nation more is nostalgic.
This is ternary and nostalgic, erupting.
From erupt in light of the ground, liang Jiahe, Yan'an, Xi'an, it is delegate ground.
(1) what be used to makes the same score nearly is nostalgic, in Liang Jiahe, in people
Arrive Shaanxi, be used to makes the same score the first place that go nearly, it is village of bridge home river. This is located in Yan'an city to delay plain county article to install post to press down southeast the village in 5 kilometers big gully, it is him in those days the place of jump the queue of go to the countryside. He what resent 16 years old, come here labor, working is 7 years.
Here, he knew common people truly, knowing his is the son of loess ground. Alleged the person that tell a person wisdom, the person that know oneself bright. He from here set out, from the village doing of secretary of a Party or League branch rises, become the top leader of party and country all the time. Someone says, 7 years when do not have Liang Jiahe, make the same score the calm and easy air now nearly without be used to boundless.
Here, he ever was organized guide masses ascetic road, go to company of silt arrester, estate doing iron, make marsh gas of big mouth well, development, improved agriculture to produce a condition. His experience and competence, volition and character and morals, laid a foundation in this poverty and even barren land. He is right the one grass here one wood is full of and affectionate, in reason.
So, you see him, pat the shoulder that pats this fellow-townsman, make make the pet name of that fellow-townsman, eat a simple meal to another fellow-townsman home again, true and natural. To fellow-townsman people send special purchases for the Spring Festival, the money that he himself draws out. Qianbuduo, feeling however cover is sufficient precious. Serious situation is serious justice the one big characteristic that is Xi Jinping.
What be used to makes the same score nearly is nostalgic, more than in Liang Jiahe.
His ancestors from Fu Ping of Shaanxi of move of Henan Deng state, his teenager period lives in Beijing, yan'an jump the queue arrives after, read to Tsinghua again, arrive to becoming secretary of county Party committee surely again, become a deputy mayor to Xiamen, become secretary of perfectural Party committee to Ning De, it is Fujian governor again, secretary of then Zhejiang provincial Party committee, secretary of Shanghai municipal Party committee, answer Beijing next. These places, what have him is nostalgic. Study group near future can roll out " nostalgic thought of Xi Jinping history " unscramble carefully, please group member advertent.
(2) of the Communist Party of China nostalgic, in Yan'an, in good way
Extend river water, pagoda hill, these in the symbol in elementary school teaching material occurrence, also be the world the greatest political party -- of the Chinese Communist nostalgic.
Revolutionary bethel Yan'an, be used to has gone when close smooth jump the queue, go every time, want Yang Jialing, look see the Communist Party of China 7 congress location. Be this conference, establish the guidance of Mao Zedong Thought in entire party position (Yan'an is quite invigorative Zu Tingzhi the imply of one) .
The 7 program that establish greatly and policy, still generalized the good way that the party forms in long-term struggle centrally. Since Xi Jinping walks on new secretary-general, drive out evil and usher in good, ironhanded anti-corruption, establish 8 regulations, begin the mass line to teach practice activity, emphasize " good faith " , emphasize " political discipline " " political custom " , all without exception is the good way greeting to the Communist Party of China.
The history of the Communist Party of China is longer, times developing question is more, this political party can have more nostalgic. Xi Jinping says, allow to grow in intensity by corruption will die party a conquered nation. More than he, a lot of people live in satiate abdomen after superior room, go then since memory slowly, everybody has pursuit to have the period of good faith. Yes, the Communist Party of China has nostalgic.
The nostalgic ground of the Communist Party of China, have a lot of, red boat, the Jinggang Mountains, xi Baipo, shenzhen fishing village, all sorts of old quarter new developed area, wait a moment etc. And Yan'an is among them important one station.
Comprehensive 2020 well-off, medium 2049 developed country, these two centenary implementation, cannot leave the Communist Party of China the development of nostalgic ground and rich. And the state of old quarter, be not all be like person meaning. So, 13 days afternoon 5 when, xi Jinping is chaired in institute of Chinese Yan'an cadre hold old quarter of Shan Ganning revolution to take off deficient to become rich informal discussion.
To Yan'an, xi Jinping still comes to elementary school of hope of Fuzhou of mountain of Yan'an town Home Yang. Be in cupreous plain city, xi Jinping will to boast state division illuminate golden town to make an on-the-spot investigation. Go up century at the beginning of 30 time, The older generation revolutionist such as long, Xi Zhongxun established Liu Zhidan, Xie Zi here Red Army of Chinese workers and peasants the 26th army, Established short for Shaanxi Province Gan Bian is special appoint with committee of revolution of edge of pleasant of short for Shaanxi Province, established base area of the revolution side the pleasant of short for Shaanxi Province that is a center with illuminating gold.
Respect to monument of hero of base area of revolution of edge of pleasant of short for Shaanxi Province display a basket of flowers, base area of revolution of edge of pleasant of visiting short for Shaanxi Province illuminates golden memorial hall, made an on-the-spot investigation in those days red 26 army after the site of Xue Jiazhai revolution that uses natural burrow to build on cliff with guerrilla of border area of pleasant of short for Shaanxi Province, xi Jinping points out, want to strengthen the research of histories of pair of revolutionary base area, sum up historical experience, better develop revolutionary spirit and good way.
Spirit of history of site of monumental, memorial hall, revolution, revolution, revolution and style, all without exception is full of of the Communist Party of China nostalgic.
(3) of the Chinese nation nostalgic, in Xi'an, safe opens in 3 this world in
Xi Jinping is being taken " 3 this world open safe " paper-cut, to the setting that the people of the whole country wishs a Happy New Year, had imprinted in people brain. Wanted to spend the New Year, gene of the Chinese nation begins come round. In area of wild goose tower two community, xi Jinping pays a New Year call to everybody, a lot of children mount parallel bars, mount a tree, take mobile phone and DV, this setting lets a person feel warm.
Of the nation nostalgic, result from China is civilized. Be used to makes the same score Xi'an nearly, watched Xi'an capital changes cultural relic of silver of Ji Hantang gold exhibits model of city of Chang'an of the Tang Dynasty of graph, the Sui Dynasty, bronze ware, representative sculpture and cultural relic of tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty exhibit Han Tang, listened to the introduction such as archaic the Silk Road and Chang'an history culture. Above this word, almost every word, can write a book.
To the attention of outstanding and traditional culture and protection, be the thing that saying is being done since Xi Jinping is long-term. When to Shandong of Confucius native place music mounds, he is told, when inspecting to Beijing University, tell, to also tell when abroad visit, and appropriately the one big characteristic that cite the classics is his speech and article more. This, to Xi'an, he emphasizes again, should condensing the cultural relic protection of culture of tradition of the Chinese nation good, management is good, in the meantimeStrengthen consider and use, invite historical conversation, invite cultural relic conversation, the achievement in inheritance ancestor and glory, enhance ethical self-esteem and self-confidence while, remember historical setback and lesson sincerely, with walking along crooked road, better advancement less.
More interesting is, xi Jinping still ascended Xi'an city wall in the late night, listened to Xi'an city wall to protect working circumstance introduction, watched a city wall to protect a state. As protects weller city wall, xi'an city wall lets us miss generation of big Tang Cheng.
Of course, of the Chinese nation nostalgic, more than in Xi'an, in Tang Chao. Also be in Henan, in Shanxi, be in Shandong, in Sichuan... take the place of in phlogistic Huang Shi, in Chinese generation, in Song Chao, in quiet day... beside you and my everybody, in us the ancestor once reached the place that pass and height.
Wanted to spend the New Year. Of Xi Jinping, of the Communist Party of China, of the Chinese nation nostalgic, they are more than consist in these days, when be not being had however, do not engrave be absent. Just inspect survey to North Shaanxi because of Xi Jinping's secretary-general, and appear erupt at the same time.
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